Star Wars Themed Wedding Emcee Script

Some weddings are themed and it’s interesting to note that there are a number of Star Wars themed weddings. Here’s one suggested script that might be useful for emcees to use.

Program Flow

  1. Opening Ceremony
    • A dramatic Star Wars-themed entrance for the bridal party, perhaps accompanied by iconic music from the saga.
  2. Welcome Address
    • A brief welcome by the emcee, setting the tone for the evening with references to Star Wars, and an introduction to the significance of the day.
  3. Exchange of Vows
    • The bride and groom exchange their vows, perhaps including Star Wars-themed promises or quotes.
  4. Ring Exchange
    • Accompanied by a brief narrative or quotes from Star Wars, symbolizing the unbreakable bond and unity.
  5. First Kiss as a Married Couple
    • A significant moment marked with an appropriate Star Wars quote or music.
  6. Interlude
    • A musical or dance performance, possibly by guests or professionals, themed around Star Wars.
  7. Dinner Service
    • Guests enjoy a meal, with table settings and menu items named after elements from Star Wars.
  8. Toasts and Speeches
    • Friends and family share their thoughts, weaving in Star Wars references to celebrate the couple’s journey.
  9. Cutting of the Cake
    • A Star Wars-themed cake, with a lightsaber cake cutting ceremony.
  10. First Dance
    • The couple’s first dance, possibly to a rendition of a romantic Star Wars theme.
  11. Open Dance Floor and Entertainment
    • Music and entertainment continue, with Star Wars-themed activities or photo booths for guests.
  12. Bouquet and Garter Toss
    • With a playful Star Wars twist.
  13. Final Words
    • The emcee wraps up with a closing statement, invoking the spirit of Star Wars and wishing the couple a future filled with happiness and adventure.
  14. Grand Send-Off
    • The couple departs amidst cheers, possibly with a Star Wars-themed exit like walking under a saber arch or to the sound of Star Wars music.

Please note that this outline serves as a general guide, and the specific details and order.


Emcee: “Ladies, gentlemen, and beings from all corners of the galaxy, welcome to the union of [Bride’s Name] and [Groom’s Name], a celebration that brings balance to the Force and joy to our hearts. As we gather in the spirit of the Galactic Republic, let’s embark on an adventure as timeless as the Star Wars saga itself.”

Opening Remarks

Emcee: “In a galaxy not so far away, two souls have chosen to share their journey. Like Han and Leia, their love story is one of adventure, loyalty, and enduring love. As Master Yoda says, ‘In love, they are. Yes, hmmm.'”

Introducing the Wedding Party

Emcee: “Please welcome our Jedi Knights and Senators of the evening, the bridal party. [Introduce each bridesmaid and groomsman with a fun Star Wars twist, like their ‘planet of origin’ or ‘special skill’.]”

Entrance of the Bride and Groom

Emcee: “And now, with the pride of the Rebel Alliance and the grace of the High Jedi Council, please stand and welcome our bride and groom, [Bride’s Name] and [Groom’s Name].”

Toasts and Speeches

Emcee: “As we gather around this ‘Council Table,’ let’s raise our glasses to the couple. May the Force be with them in their journey ahead.”

Dinner Announcement

Emcee: “As droids are busy preparing our feast, reminiscent of the celebrations in the Ewok Village, let’s indulge in the delicacies from across the galaxy.”

First Dance

Emcee: “For their first dance, our couple will take the floor, united like the twin suns of Tatooine, shining bright and full of hope.”

Cake Cutting

Emcee: “And now, a moment as sweet as the victory in the Battle of Endor, our couple will cut the cake, symbolizing their unity and shared path ahead.”

Closing Remarks

Emcee: “As our evening comes to a close, and our starship prepares to depart, let’s give one last cheer for [Bride’s Name] and [Groom’s Name]. May their love continue to flourish like the Force, surrounding and binding them in happiness and joy.”

Final Send-Off
Emcee: “As they embark on their new journey together, let’s send them off with all the love and blessings the galaxy has to offer. May the Force be with you, [Bride’s Name] and [Groom’s Name], always.”